Max Turner has always been bullied day in, and day out. This all changes when he is selected to partake in a life-changing experiment, code-named "Orion". Max, now able to do anything he chooses, craves revenge, but what price must he pay?

Project Details

  • Date:
    June 3, 2015
  • Budget:
  • Total Production Time:
    9 Months
  • Starring:
    Sam Palmer
    Maddie Brandon
    Tyler Saari
    Garrett Mazziotti
    Andy Carlson
  • Directed By:
    Sam Palmer
    Jacob Kehrley
    Tyler Saari
  • Edited By:
    Sam Palmer
    Jacob Kehrley
    Tyler Saari
  • Editing Platforms:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
    Adobe After Effects CS6
    Adobe Audition CS6
  • Stock Footage:
    Warner Bros. Television under fair use
  • Music:
    Licensed from
    Thomas J. Bergersen under fair use
  • Camera Utilized:
    Nikon D3200
    Nikon 18-55mm Lens
  • Award:
    First place in the 2015 Haddam-Killingworth Televison Film Festival