Vincent Draigo has been an outsider most of his life, except when he is with his best friends; Andy and Rose. As time goes on, Vincent and Rose grow close, as Andy starts to drift away. Thought to be inseparable, Rose may just show Vincent the light.

Project Details

  • Date:
    June 4, 2015
  • Budget:
    Estimated at $50.00
  • Total Production Time:
    4 Months
  • Starring:
    Duncan Macintyre
    Justin Jascot
    Danielle Russo
    Genie Russo
    Juanjo Vazquez-Caballero
    Grace Mortimor
    Peter O'Neil
    Cam Stober
    Liam Foley
    Celene Breton
    Colton Sonneson
    Morgan Rosa
    Meg O'Brien
  • Directed By:
    Danielle Russo
    Tyler Saari
  • Edited By:
    Danielle Russo
    Tyler Saari
  • Editing Platforms:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
    Adobe After Effects CS6
    Adobe Audition CS6
  • Music:
    Licensed from
  • Camera Utilized:
    Nikon D3200
    Nikon 18-55mm Lens