During a film competition, a team of filmmakers go off the radar to cheat the system and use external resources to win. The only problem is getting the footage into the restricted editing room without getting caught.

Project Details

  • Date:
    September 13, 2014
  • Budget:
  • Total Production Time:
    16 Hours
  • Starring:
    Chet Crocco
    John Abbot
    Miranda DeMelis
    Jen Halleck
    Kolby Burger
    Menalie Hyde
    Chuck Lewis
    Leah Pfrommer
  • Directed By:
    Chet Crocco
    Leah Pfrommer
  • Edited By:
    Leah Pfrommer
    Chet Crocco
    Tyler Saari
  • Editing Platforms:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
    Adobe After Effects CS6
  • Music:
    Licensed from MegaTrax.com
  • Camera Utilized:
    Nikon D3200
    Nikon 18-55mm Lens