Well well well, would you look at that. Finally, after probably 6 years of maintaining a site I FINALLY have a way to easily update the world on my pointless rants and thoughts. In the past, sure I had the “ability” (if you call just writing the code for the blog post in brackets and then uploading that page later on once I was sure it would actually function) but now I can easily just post whatever is on my mind in a few minutes, almost like my own personal Twitter (take that as you will).

So some updates. First off, I don’t know who may read this. I probably am just writing this for myself in order to get out my thoughts on new works, or things that I just have on my mind. As well, possibly updates to THIS site, in order to motivate myself to actually do them.

So changes changes changes are happening. As of right now, things are not yet ready for release. Tonight I have been working all night to try and get the portfolio section done, but I still have over 15 other projects to input. As well, I still have to put in the entire experience section and the section for Everyone Has a Story.

Anyways, I’m exhausted. For the past 5 hours I have spent Christmas watching some documentary on CNN called Finding Jesus and it’s really starting to drag on and on so that means it is time for sleep.