Brace Yourself


Life on the east coast goes on like normal. People wake up, go to work, live their daily life. Things suddenly come to a halt however, when a transmission is received from the International Space Station, breaking the news of an oncoming asteroid that will devastate the Connecticut shoreline. With four hours until impending doom, only one individual has the code to launch the defense missiles which will save the earth from annihilation.

Project Details

June 14, 2014
Total Production Time
6 Weeks
Gina Cannelli
Menalie Hyde
Chris Morgan
Chuck Lewis
Directed By
Jillian Brangi
Gina Cannelli
Tyler Saari
Edited By
Jillian Brangi
Gina Cannelli
Tyler Saari
Editing Platforms
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe After Effects CS6
Stock Footage
Provided from NASA under public domain
Licensed from
Camera Utilized
Nikon D3200
Nikon f3.5-5.6 18-55mm Lens